Questions for Classified plugin

Classifieds seems to be a fairly bare bones system, which is fine. However, I need to figure out ways to make it work for me, so here’s a list of questions, hopefully to make a dent in the process. The objective is to embed classified advertising here

1. I need to offer a range of payment plans, from free to single ads for private people to subscription options for dealers, plus discount codes to kick it off

2. I need to be able to offer currency options. Not for ad payment, but for displaying the price of the goods for sale. EG and American car dealer will want ads in $, a German Porsche dealer will want €. NOT for ad payment, just for displaying their stock.

3. I’d need the dealer’s details to display alongside the adverts

4. I assume that advertisers need to be members of the site to buy / post ads?

5. How do advertisers upload additional images and how do we limit how many and set size guidelines?

Hope you can answer these queries, it will help decide whether I can use this plugin and invest the time in customising it.

Best regards

Neill W