Questions on the Membership plugin vs. the new Protected Content plugin

Good day,

Fantastic news about the new Protected Content plugin for membership driven websites. I am currently using the Membership plugin for my site and have free and paid subscriptions, and all kinds of members already in the database, some with one-time payments and some with reoccurring payments. Before I think about moving from the Membership plugin to the new Protected Content plugin, I would like to ask some questions.

#1) Is the new Protected Content plugin a complete replacement of the Membership plugin? Or is it more like a lighter version of it? For example, would you recommend the Membership plugin over the new Protected Content plugin for certain kinds of websites? Or would you always recommend the new Protected Content plugin over the Membership plugin?

#2) For live websites that are already using the Membership plugin with free and paid members in the database, and some on recurring payment plans, am I able to just install the new Protected Content plugin and deactivate the Membership plugin and have everything work? Or can the new Protected Content plugin only be used on new websites that do NOT already have the Membership plugin installed? Is there some kind of migration process that must take place?

#3) What features and functionality from the Membership plugin are NOT included in the new Protected Content plugin? Or is everything that is currently available in the Membership plugin also available in the Protected Content plugin? And if not, what are some of the major features that are not part of the Protected Content plugin?

#4) What are some of the new features in the new Protected Content plugin that is not available in the Membership plugin?

#5) Is there still a Free Payment Gateway in the new Protected Content plugin (like what’s in the Membership plugin?)

#6) Does the new Protected Content plugin have an email activation feature for user who register with the free payment gateway? For example, if I have a membership where a user can access some content for free, does the plugin have an option to force an email activation of the account, in which the user cannot begin accessing the special content of the site (for the free membership) until he or she gets an email from the system and clicks on a unique URL in the email, thus activating his or her account?

#7) One of the bullet points under the list of features for the new Protected Content plugin says this, “Fully extensible with add-ons.” Can you explain that more? What “add-ons” are you referring to?

#8) Do either of the PayPal payment options allow the transaction to take place from within the website, or does the user need to leave the website and complete the transaction on

Thank you for your time.


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Nick,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question! :slight_smile:

    #1 Membership is still a incredibly powerful plugin and does have some features that Protected content doesn't, mostly the stacking of levels, i.e, you can't stack 3 memberships in Protected content have it move through them.

    But then Protected content also is more developer friendly, has dripped content, trial periods, mailchimp integration and membership "types" along with a invoice system.

    #2 Currently you can't, your members would still exist, but the subscriptions, setup and payments wouldn't, there isn't currently a importer from Membership to Protected content but this is something we're looking into.

    #3 Almost covered in one, but the main things that aren't included, are plugin protection, the multisite global (we're working on this for protected content) And the stacking of levels. 2checkout also isn't included in Protected content yet.

    #4 Mailchimp integration, in Membership this is only possible using pings, Invoices, the customer can view all their invoices from their account. The stripe payment gateway. A setup wizard for the protection when creating a subscription.

    #5 There is a manual payment gateway, or you can set the price to 0.00 when using PayPal.

    #6 Currently not, but it would be a great idea and I'll add that as a feature request. :slight_smile:

    #7 Protected content is designed around a solid core code base that works with add-ons, this means core functionality is kept to a minimum so users can extend by either activating pre-integrated add-ons or creating their own, add-ons out the box include both, trial periods, coupons, mailchimp integration, multiple memberships per member and more! :slight_smile:

    #8 Currently both of the PayPal gateways being used require the user to go to PayPal to complete their purchase.

    Stripe would keep the user on the site. :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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