Questions Widget fails to update no matter which settings are choosen

Hello, So we have the following issue using one of the widgets your plugin provides. The Q & A: Questions widget. The feature that allows popular, recent, or unanswered questions to appear in the context of the widget pane does not seem to be working properly. To be more specific, the questions listed in the widget do not change regardless of the selected filter. (We are saving after each alteration too.)

The interesting thing is that no error is thrown in our logs because of this and additionally, this is not a problem on any or our localhosts. This problem only exists on our remote installation. We're not sure where to look next for leads to figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also please let me know if anything I've said is not clear and I will explain the situation in more detail. Thank you.

We are running Wordpress v3.5.1