[Quick answer] I want to give translation to mudev.com almost plugin from english to korea.

I am doing project with mudev's many plugin.

So i want to translate to korea.

If i provide my useing plugin list, Do you give me that plugin English Text with Excel file(or google spreadsheet)

Becasue this link (https://premium.wpmudev.org/translate/projects/ultimate-branding/ko/default) need so many time.
So if you give excel file, i will give to you easly.

If up to discription is possible, Under is right?

1. you give me my choice plugin list's excel file incloud english text ( this link : http://cl.ly/image/1S2f1e3t0A3S?_ga=1.93274779.764680022.1423169977 )

2. i give to mudev with translated excel file

3. Mudev update all translate file or give to only me file for my wordpress site.

4. i doing install to my wordpress site.?

if up to discripiton is not correct,
How can i translate many plugin(on mudev.com) on my website?

Thank you Sir.