Quick Feedback re: Videos

just finished some (lots of) copy and paste work to integrate the instructional videos into my site.

They really come in handy to help people get started with WordPress - Well done!

Also to have the codes now all in one download and the additional junks of content for each vid make this an appealing package.

here two small remarks:

1. there seems to be some identical content snippets in to the descriptions for "paragraphs" and "headings".

2. I almost got nuts with iframes disappearing, when adding some text after changing from html to visual editor. I found Hana Code insert handy to prevent this and recommend it to everyone who wants to make the task easier. (Please, send HanaDaddy a small contribution when you find it useful - he needs diapers...:slight_smile: ).

I am done for now and will go to copy and paste some dreams...