Quick Marketpress network activation vs site activation question

Just to confirm, Marketpress only allows chained payments (taking a percentage of sales) if it is network activated so it can't really be activated or shut off through prosites if I want to take a percentage of sales, correct?

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey Atlanta.

    That is correct, in order to use the global settings, you do need to network activate it. That also stands for using the chained payments option.

    You can limit the product quote with Pro Sites. :slight_smile:

    You can also have it in MarketPress so that non-pro sites must use the gateway. Then premium sites can have the option of using any gateway you choose. :slight_smile:

    I've attached a screen to show.

    Take care.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hey Atlanta!

    If you activate chained payments it will apply to all of the stores in your network.

    If you are code savvy then you may want to check out this thread that deals with setting up a commission free level and another commission based level, giving you some control over chained payments in Prosites.

    It seems the functionality you are hinting at is on the radar and may be worked into a future update.

    Hope this helps!


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