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Hi There,

I've got two different installs of single user wp, one for my main site and one for my blog.

From a quick look at this plugin, it seems to look like it might be perfect to use to map one install to http://blog.mysite.com and leave the original site at //www.mysite.com.

Would you advise this would be possible or would you say it's best to do it through the hosting company?

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    Greetings benmckenna,

    In either event to get this to work correctly one of the solo WordPress sites will need to be turned into a MultiSite.

    Then the plugin can be applied (it does not work for WordPress solo)

    Now since it is two sites that you are talking about it may be much easier to make one of them a sub site and redirect the domain to the sub site which can be done in many ways.

    So it is my opinion that the best answer would be that if you have no other purpose for MultiSite other then this, it may not be worth the effort and using the above sub domain/redirect is probably the best solution. However, if there is any other possible reason to go WordPress Multisite then that is certainly the way to go.

    Hopefully you have a dedicated IP for the one you want to make a MultiSite if that is the route you choose to go or another way to look at it is if only one of them has a dedicated IP that would be the one to turn into a MultiSite.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

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