Quick question - top menu icon dashbutton thingy - what is it

hi Guys

Another simple one from me. What is a recomended plugin or button to give BP/WP a top right menu button, similar to the one WPMU is using. I want my members to be able to see an avatar and do some basic stuff from there (like get to BP/Message/Dashboard)

Have searched the forums and WP and not been too successfu?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Derek,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    By default BuddyPress is adding that menu to WP user profile link that's automatically placed on toolbar. The toolbar is always shown in WP dashboard and can be turned on/off for front-end view however users can do this as well via their profile settings.

    As for adding it "permanently" (in a way similar to our site). Here's what I thin you may want to do:

    1. Go to your dashboard's "Appearance -> Menus" page
    2. Expand "Screen Options" tab (top of the screen)
    3. Make sure that the "BuddyPress" check-box is checked
    4. Select menu to edit (preferably the main menu)
    5. Add elements from "BuddyPress" section to this menu

    For example:
    - Add "log in" and "Profle" to the main level of the menu
    - add "Activity", "Groups", "Notifications", "Profile", "Settings" and "Log Out" as "Profile" submenu

    This should result in a BuddyPress menu being available as a part of your site's main menu:

    Alternatively, you may want create a new menu on "Appearance -> Menus" page and then use WP template tag in your theme's custom template file to display that particular menu:

    <?php wp_nav_menu(array('menu'=>'NAME_OF_YOUR_MENU'));?>

    This way you should also be able to easily display user avatar nearby like this:

    echo get_avatar( get_current_user_id(), 46 );

    I hope that helps!
    Best regards,

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