Quick status plugin mishandles images with relative url's and ignores image tags without width

The problem with relative images comes from a link like http://usa.ntm.org/mission-news/65626/the-remedy-for-kwepa-s-fear where the images are located in usa.ntm.org/data/... The image src attribute is "/data/..." but quick-status is interpreting that as http://usa.ntm.org/mission-news/65626/the-remedy-for-kwepa-s-fear/data/... instead of http://usa.ntm.org/data/...

My fix for this (though I'm not allowed by my higher-ups to make changes to the plugin for update reasons) is in quick-status/lib/forms/link-preview.php line 7. I replaced that line with some other lines that allowed for a link beginning with "/". I can give you my code via email if you want to look at it.

As for images without height/width declarations in the image tag, the main picture in the above link doesn't have a declared width and height, so it gets ignored (by the "ignore spacers" code at line 204 in quick-status/lib/class_wdqs_admin_pages.php). My fix for this was to alter the if statement to show pictures where width="" and height=""

These two features are interfering with our ability to use the plugin as a way to bring in links to articles on this site. What are the chances that we could get an update with those issues fixed?