Quicksand.js ajax load templates in portfolio

Ok, I hate having another question open already, but this is part 2 of the same project, so here it goes.

Basically I have a custom post type for Projects. Within this post type I have a custom taxonomy called Type. This has 2 options, 1) Case Study & 2) Portfolio. So when you create a new post you select which type of project it is and upload all of the photos pertaining to that client.

On the front-end of the site I have a custom template: http://pastebin.com/UP8hcBmV

In this file lines: #104 – 182 I created a few if conditions that basically say if you are on this page, call this template file (which would show all projects uploaded in my custom post type with a specific tag). My portfolio in total has 10 different custom templates to pull data specific to a tag.

What I would like to achieve with my Quicksand.js powered portfolio is when you click on the links for the tags from the custom post type it will load via ajax those images calling the specific template files that I call in those if conditions, instead of having it load a whole new page. This would provide a more fluent user experience.

Only downfall here is the site is only accessible at this time with a custom edit to a hosts file, so I can’t show a live example at this time, but I can provide whatever code snippets needed to better understand something.

Thanks for all the help, love the site. Sorry for posting 2 active questions, coming up on my hard deadline and not making progress on this specific component.