Quiz plugin compatible with Marketpress

One item on my wish list that I would like to see is a lesson or class plugin. A good example is Woocommerce's Sensei plugin.

Along with the Sensei features I would like to have the ability to have online quizzes that can randomly generate a 100 question quiz pulling from a pool of say 500 questions. I have a client that owns a training and certification company for state certifications. This random question generator is a requirement by the states.

Maybe a good starting point would be just the quiz portion which would suit my needs immediately. I could sell the course PDFs with Marketpress and then when the student is ready to get the certification they could be directed to the quiz plugin. Upon a passing grade, the plugin would send a notification to the instructor to generate a certificate. Maybe add the ability to allow 1 free retake but charge for more than that... :wink:

I have tried Woocommerce but it is not well designed for multisite applications. It seems to be messing up all my user roles... I'm not going to buy a $100 plugin if I can't get the free one to work properly.

Eventually I would want the whole process automated from the course sale to printing a certificate, with lessons in between but thanks for letting me dream...