Random theme - again giving me no randomness

Downloaded fresh new plugz for some fresh new wp3 network install projects.

First batch of wpmu sites went as intended - last batch - not so much.

12 worked - 5 did not - so weird.

Using batch create and random theme to create a bunch o blogs on subdomains for a project.

Some of the wpmu sites i did - worked others did not. I dont get random themes - jst the twenty eleven theme on all new blogs created.


  • sputnik

    Hi there,

    Yes it was working as intended next to and in conjunction with Batch Create on the first few wpmu/ wp3 network master installs I did earlier in the week.

    However; Ive discovered why and solved the issue as to why it was not in later installs.

    1. the earlier installs used my previously "outdated" yet still functioning version of the Random Theme plugin - which had been hacked to increase a value in the code from [blah-something - 1,1 ] to [ blah - something 1000,1].

    So I modified the most recent installed main wordpress installations that had the new and fresh version of Random Theme installed - hacked the php to increase this value.

    Deleted all incorrectly created sub-blogs that didnt have a random them and recreated them all with Batch Create - this time it worked a treat.

    The instructions of Random them indicate there are no further setup or code tweeks needed to make their soft do its thing. They may want to put a note on in the tutorials about using it in conjunction with Batch Create - and needing to mod the code. Its a very simple and ez hack.


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