Randomizing Service Providers in Appointments+

This isn't actually a request for support. I just wanted to report that I was able to figure out how to do this using what appears to be an undocumented option.

I wanted to be able to randomize my service providers (otherwise, the first service provider listed was getting the majority of booked services). After looking through the code, I found a reference that seemed to suggest this was already an option that could be added to the [app_service_providers] shortcode. There is an option for that shortcode called "order_by" but the documentation makes it seem like you can only order by ID or name (ASC or DESC). In the code I found a reference to using "RAND()" a the order_by value, and that randomized my providers.

Hopefully this is just an undocumented feature and not a bug that gets fixed (and thus no longer works!). :slight_smile: