Rank users - "karma"

Hello all,

I search plugin which will rank users - based on their activity on web. I have web where few hunderds users write time to time article - and I would like to rank them.

I found only one plugin, which do something similar http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bainternet-user-ranks. But this plugin give xy points for article and for comment written by author.

I have more detail idea, what can help to rank user based on quality of written article:

1) Post (user receive points based on how good write the post)
- article have tags
- title have less than 200 characters
- post have more than 300 words
- custom fields is fulfilled (aditional info bellow post)
- seo plugin data bellow post is fullfiled (title, description, keywords) for example from All in one SEO
- image is inserted
- featured image is inserted
- post is publised

2) Comments
- for each comment which I write,I receive points

3)Other comment my article
- for each comments written by another person, I receive points
- after 20 comments is written by another person, I receive points

4) Post ranks
- at least let receive points based how others rank my articly (by thumbs or stars)

What do you think?