Adding values from ACF and inserting them into a third page and Contact Form 7


Monday morning, well, let's dig deep :smiley:

I am about to create a template that outputs values from a custom post type with meta boxes added by the Advanced Custom Field Pro plugin.

So far so good. No problem.

Now, on this template there is a button which says "Contact seller about this product". Once the user clicks on this page, they arrive at another template with a form using the Contact Form 7 plugin. Additionally, on this contact page, there should be some basic information about the product that the user saw on the previous page. Moreover, when the user has filled out the info from the form, the owner and the user will both receive an email (sent through the Contact Form 7 plugin), with the input from the forms, but also with some info about that certain product.

Auch, that one what hard to discribe. Please let me know if you didn't catch it fully.

Now, here is where my questions arrives in this lovely narrative:

1) How am I able to display ACF info on a page, that is linked to another page.

Or in other words:

1. Page with ACF info
2. Other page showing the info from the previous page.

Please know that the custom post type will have thousands of pages, so it has to be a dynamic function, that automatically adds the info from the previous page to the contact page.

2) How am I able to add the ACF information, which both is displaying on the custom post type page, and the contact page to the Contact Form 7 email that is send to the owner and user? Or in other words, how can I add/attach ACF values (even an image generated by the ACF) to the email send out by the Contact Form 7 plugin?

I am very open to use another plugin than the Contact Form 7 plugin. If you have any suggestions on this, please let me know :slight_smile: