Ratings and Reviews for WooCommerce Product Listings


I am attempting to add a ratings and review section to all of our woocommerce product pages for cncmachines.net. As things are, I have checked the box next to both "enable product reviews/ratings" boxes under the products tab on the woocommerce settings page. However, I don't see any place to leave a rating, do I need to add some kind of info manually in order for this function to be added to the product listings?

Secondly, is there an "all in one" plugin (reviews and ratings, with schema mark up enabled) available that is highly recommended? Our basic goal is simply to have every non-logged in user leave a review and rating for any product listing for SEO purposes. Therefore, a plugin that configures schema so the reviews/info can be eligible to be displayed as a rich text snipped on google's SERP's.

On a side note, I have installed and activated a plugin called 'Rating Widget' that allows visitors to select a star rating for each product listing.

I'm somewhat unfamiliar with this kind of functionality so any help/guidance you can offer would be most appreciated.

Thank you!