Hi, here's another xls attachement of the file I'm using, I hope this will help?

This is what my log is showing:

2011-11-13 21:48:06 [debug] - --- Starting queue item processing ---
Blog name: [wheretoprintmanufacturercoupons]
User name: []
2011-11-13 21:48:06 [debug] - User does NOT exists. Creating a new user
2011-11-13 21:48:06 [info] - There was an error creating a user

I look forward to any suggestions.
Thank you.

  • topranking
    • New Recruit

    Hi, It was an attachment that I sent you. Do you have any videos to show the set up process?
    Below is another attachment with 19 keywords.

    #1. Let me know if it is formatted correctly?
    #2. In the xls spread sheet is there a way to bring the keywords together automatically, without
    doing it manually?
    #3.Lastly to keep from going back and forth with this ticket can you login to my wp and see to it
    that it is uploaded properly?

    Thank you.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Please note the limits listed on what attachments can be uploaded - you are limited to certain file types and sizes which is probably why your file hasn't uploaded.

    Also, it sounds like you're providing this in response to an issue that's already being dealt with elsewhere. Can you reply in the original thread, or by e-mail, supplying your spreadsheet so we know what issue it's in relation to please?

    I'm gonna close this thread off to avoid further confusion.


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