Re-Auth Sign in Issue using Multi-domains plugin

Hey guys,

So, I am using Multi domains for the first time to see if it satisfies what I need for a site I have. However, I am experiencing a bug with it.

The bug I am experiencing is exactly what this person was experiencing long ago:

When I sign in and log out of the main network site I can log in again just fine with no issues. However, if I log out of a domain added from multi domains I am not able to re-log in the first time around.

However, if I try again on the same login screen I get in just fine. Further, the first attempt at logging in is somehow triggering me as "Logged in" as I get an email notification from another plugin that says I have successfully logged in.

It seems this issue is definitely with the multi domains as it was experienced by the other user. Is there a fix? Did I do something wrong?

Also, I thought incorrectly it seems that this plugin allows a logged in user from main site to be automatically logged into the domain added by multi domains but that doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks for your help!