Re-Auth Sign in Issue using Multi-domains plugin

Hey guys,

So, I am using Multi domains for the first time to see if it satisfies what I need for a site I have. However, I am experiencing a bug with it.

The bug I am experiencing is exactly what this person was experiencing long ago:

When I sign in and log out of the main network site I can log in again just fine with no issues. However, if I log out of a domain added from multi domains I am not able to re-log in the first time around.

However, if I try again on the same login screen I get in just fine. Further, the first attempt at logging in is somehow triggering me as "Logged in" as I get an email notification from another plugin that says I have successfully logged in.

It seems this issue is definitely with the multi domains as it was experienced by the other user. Is there a fix? Did I do something wrong?

Also, I thought incorrectly it seems that this plugin allows a logged in user from main site to be automatically logged into the domain added by multi domains but that doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks for your help!

  • Mike Price

    Hey Jack

    I have confirmed as did the other poster that this is indeed an issue with Multi Domains option "Enable Single Sign On" As soon as I disabled that option, everything went back to normal. It certainly isn't anything in my htaccess as this network is not new and has been running smoothly with no issues for awhile now

    I decided to scrap using the multi domains on this project anyhow because it didn't do what I thought it would (allow user to stay logged in regardless of domain) However, you guys may want to look into why its doing that with the enable single sign on option.

    Also, I tried uninstalling multi domains but as soon as I did I got many many errors all over my site about headers already being sent etc and mentioned tons of your other plugins. I then had to immediately put the plugin back into MU plugins for the errors to go away.

    Is there a special way to remove multi domains? Thanks


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Mike (@ThinkTaiwan)

    I hope you are well today, first of all please accept my apology's with the extreme delay on this one.

    Thank you for the additional information, with regards to removing multi-domains, did you make sure to remove/ define sunrise false, remove the lines from your wp-config and delete anything associated in the database.

    Could you give me the full error that you got?

    Thank you and again sorry for the delay.

    Kind Regards