Re-captcha for Hustle Pro

Hustle reCAPTCHA v2 not working on my site.

  • Bamboo Kit
    • Staff

    Hello, Alan

    Hope you’re well today and thank you for reaching out to us.

    I see that you've added all the information to use reCaptcha but you've missed to add the reCaptcha field to your pop-up form, in order to do that please navigate to the pop-up form and select the form you wish to edit, after that please scroll down to the section call Manage form elements -> edit form -> add new field -> select reCaptcha then arrange the reCaptcha to the position you desire.

    Here is a screenshot where you can find the Manage form elements.

    Here is a screenshot where you can edit form and add reCaptcha field.

    Please note, I've already added the reCaptcha field for you.

    Hope this helps, thank you.

    Kind Regards,


  • Alan
    • New Recruit

    Ah, I totally looked over this step in the documentation. I believe that both I and the first support agent that I spoke with were looking for something more complicated and so totally failed to recognize that the reCAPTCHA was an actual element that goes in the form. Thanks so much for your help. The issue is totally solved now.

  • Alan
    • New Recruit

    Also, do you think that linking a website with wpmudev, as per your company’s data management policies, can cause an increase in unwanted or spammy traffic to a website? Or cause unsolicited contact through opt-ins or any similar activity?

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