Re: Logout Redirect plugin update…

When updating the Logout Redirect plugin this morning, it returned this error (preventing site access):

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘new’ (T_NEW) in /home/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/logout-redirect/logout-redirect.php on line 197

Had this issue previously (see this THREAD that Vaughn helped resolve), updated the PHP line of code as previously suggested & able to access again.

Looks like the update changed the PHP 4 Constructor comment & line of code at the top, but failed to remove the & from Line 203 that Vaughn suggested in his resolution – seems that we just need to remove that after update of plugin, and access is good again :

Open up & edit /wp-content/plugins/logout-redirect/logout-redirect.php

Find the following on line 203: $logout_redirect =& new Logout_Redirect();

Remove the & character so it looks like: $logout_redirect = new Logout_Redirect();

Now find & delete the following near the top of the file:


* PHP 4 constructor


function Logout_Redirect() {