RE: MarketPress Plugin (Does it support PayPal Advanced?)

RE: MarketPress Plugin (Does it support PayPal Advanced?)

Recently PayPal added another option called PayPal Advanced. This is very attractive due to the cost being only $5 per month when compared with PayPal Website Payments Pro, which is $30 per month.

This was offered approximately 3 or so months ago.

I wanted to know if I could use MarketPress and if it allowed me to use the PayPal Advanced processing method.

PayPal Advanced is like PayPal Website Payments Pro except the processing takes place on PayPal’s website (in an iFrame), while keeping the look and feel for the user, as if they were still on your site.

If not now .. my question is how soon do you think it will be before you can make the necessary changes to allow for this? I am sure that due to the monthly cost, many businesses will want to use this feature instead of the Website Payments Pro, especially for low volume sellers.

Can you help?


Gary Gordon