Re: New order completion error…

We’ve verified we’re using the right credentials but nevertheless updated Paypal API’s on their site and got new LIVE CREDENTIALS, but haven’t added them to the network Store settings yet because we’re trying to ensure we get it right in sandbox.

Then we disabled the IPN setting according to another support thread where it stated it’s automatic now, no need to set that. We also updated the return URL (it was still set for WooCommerce, thought that was the issues) to: (per this support thread:

After payment is approved on Paypal, it redirects back to:

Then when you click SUBMIT from the page above, it ends up at this URL (that would be the order# is the end):

But we get the “Oops” message in the screen shot? We’re setup as Paypal Express instead of CHained Payments at this time since we want to the global cart option and are foregoing any commission to offer a free service for 60+ days.

Problems is, when it directs back to complete it’s brining the seller (us at this time) back tot he MAIN store page, and there’s nothing there to indicate an order is placed, that is ONLY on the individual SHOP/STORE page. Is this expected behavior? Should they be redirected back to a store? What if they have items from several stores, thought that would be the reason they’re brought back to the main site to view their entire order?

PLEASE help, I closed the other thread since there were no response all day, we need this resolved ASAP – is there an escalation process here, or can I request this to be kicked up a level?

Honestly, working with Marketpress is really making me feel like a flippin’ idiot – we had far less issues when setting up and configuring WooCommerce to work properly, but really wanted to have the multitude of compatible plugins and great support, but it’s virtually impossible to find a quick answer or resolution when searching on critical issues that arise, as has been the case several times…

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello John,

    I'm really sorry to see that MarketPress is not working for you, but I see that you already have a thread about this opened here, opening new threads with the same issue will take time from our staff on both tickets and delay answers on both yours and other members questions.

    I already notified team that is working on your original ticket to get back to you as soon as possible and help resolve that problem.

    But I also took a quick peak on your settings and you haven't enabled global cart "Enable Global Shopping Cart?"

    and working gateway is chained payments there – are you sure you are using correct credentials there? Because you wrote you have a PayPal Express configured.

    kind regards,


  • John
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I’m trying to get this to work, when this was submitted it was setup as Paypal Express and then switched back to chained payments, and then back, to Express, and then back to chain, and then back again to…

    You get the idea, it wasn’t working no matter what I did, so I took a break for about 40 minutes and just now came back – switched it back to Paypal Express in Sandbox Mode and what do ya know, it worked with no issues??

    So tomorrow, on my lunch break, we’ll try to go live as planned and see if we get more MP voodoo or it actually works as it’s supposed too; as for opening another thread, time is of the essence and we’ve had many issues over the last couple months so I’m trying to keep from getting my ass reamed anymore about this site, so forgive me for being a little anxious & frustrated about getting these issues resolved. Thanks… :relieved:

  • John
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    So, I come back 30 minutes later to process another test transaction and AGAIN with the error message that’s attached, & it still shows as processed since emails were rec’d to confirm it! How is it even possible to work fine, and then 40 minutes later throw another error message?!?

    What the *%^&$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really starting to piss me off! I’m sorry, but if it were you dealing with this you’d be pretty annoyed at this point and I’m really not too pleased with the inconsistent results. I have something breathing down my back and it’s one problem after another..

  • John
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Ok, so I’m resigned to having to push back going live again but my cousin is extremely annoyed at this point. Personally, I just wanna move on from this headache but need to finish the job that was started, so wondering if we can get an update as to potential causes on this issue (coding issue, how she’s uploading her products maybe, or if it’s something else we may have done, etc.). Would really appreciate something, even if it’s just “Hey, we’re working on this and will provide an update soon” so I can appease her. Thx…

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