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I have tried for 3 days to get Marketpress to load properly. I have saved presentation setting and no page is ever made on many frustrating attempts. I am Newbie to Wordpress but trying ....

I read a reply by DavidM on a another post "No store after presentation save" and he mentioned to manually make page and add following code ...

Welcome to our online store! Feel free to browse around:


Check out our most popular products:


Browse by category:


Browse by tag:


I did do this but front page looks terrible with no theme. Following pages follow the skyrocket theme though not fully commited to using it. I have full membership with all themes available for download and just want a theme for the store (not entire site) that shows all pages including front page. How can I get the front initial page to follow a theme? website :

  • DavidM

    Hi kp6789 and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Really sorry you've had trouble getting the Store page created initially. We've received a couple of reports on that but haven't been able to pinpoint why that's occurring in these cases, it's a tough one to nail down.

    However, creating the Store page manually should have the same effect. One other thing too though, if you add that Store page to your menu at Appearance > Menus, you should then see a couple extra items, the Shopping Cart and Checkout items, in that menu as well.

    That said, I'm not totally sure I understand what you're looking to do. Are you trying to bring the store to your front-page?

    If so, there are various ways to go about that, that easiest being to set the Store page as your static front-page at Settings > Reading.

    You could even customize that Store page to list products as well, by using the [mp_list_products] shortcode or any of the other shortcodes at Products > Store Settings > Shortcodes.

    Would that work for ya?


  • kp6789

    thank you for your response ...

    I did not fully understand about the adding page under appearance > menu .... It did not change or add any extra items .... it gave me edit screen options popup as listed here ...

    StorePageEdit Menu Item
    Navigation Label
    Title Attribute
    Link Target
    Same window or tabNew window or tab
    CSS Classes (optional)
    Link Relationship (XFN)
    Welcome to our online store! Feel free to browse around:
    Check out our most popular products:
    Browse by category:
    Browse by tag:
    [mp_tag_cloud]The description will be displayed in the menu if the current theme supports it.
    Original: Store
    Remove | Cancel

    Also, being a newbie, "front page" was not correct term. I am referring to the main page when "store" is clicked. All the following links follow a nice theme setup and viewing. That first page, the store main page, just shows links with no design or setup. I am assuming, using skyrocket theme, that first store page should be better looking. I tried other themes and it changed all following store links / pages but did not change the first page obviously because I entered it manually. I am wanting the manually entered "store" page to follow a theme like the rest of the store links and pages. Is there a way of manually entering the code with a theme included?

    Also, I do not know if this helps in the diagnosis .... under presentation "Store URL Slugs" page name in my case "store" .... does not match my actual store page's Permalink references "store-2" .... I noticed all my other pages have matching references and names. I tried multiple times to get this to match with name, store URL slug. I tried changing name but it always references "(name)-2" if I do get them matched I get 404 error. As a newbie, do not know if this means anything.

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