RE: Setting "Assistants" for grading of working on courses

Hey guys,

As per question above - how can I go about setting up specific roles for courses where an assistant(s) can be taken on by the teacher to offer support with grading of coursework.

I'd appreciate any help you can give :slight_smile:

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello @Bryan,

    I hope you are having a good day and thanks for the asking. :slight_smile:

    What I understand is that you want to moderate grading system by asistant right ? If this is you want then I am sorry it is not possible out of box with coursepress pro as not such role or capability provided , but you can issue new job requests on our job portal over here for this requirement,

    If this is not you want then could you please explain me with little bit more information ? It will help me to understand your concern better way.

    Further more please do review Coursepress > Settings > Instructor Capabilities for possible tweaks.

    I hope this helps you.

    Looking forward hearing back from you. :slight_smile:


    • Bryan
      • Flash Drive

      Hey Milan,

      Thank you for the reply. Basically what I want is how you'd have it in University or High School - There is the main teacher who oversees everything and then they have maybe 2-3 assistants who can access the work to assist with the grading aspect, but nothing outside of grading (i.e. they can't edit course content or lesson materials or anything)

      From what I understand of the above though, it doesn't sound like this will be an option.

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello @Bryan,

    I hope you are having a good day.

    You guessed right :slight_smile: , This is not possible out of box, but I think with Membership 2 pro and User Role Editor you can achieve this.

    Membership 2 pro will let you set up protection on courses and user role editor will let you create new role and set coursepress capabilities to newly created role.

    I think with combination of membership 2 pro and user role editor you can achieve what you want to achieve. :slight_smile: Please play around these plugins to see these helps you or not.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

    Kindest Regards,

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