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Hi Paul,

It's still showing the "Become A Member" in the wpmu support area and I'm already a member. That makes it impossible for me to respond when I have a support issue. My only option is to open a completely new support ticket from my website.

I really hate to be a pain but I'm experiencing major problems. There seems to be bugs galore throughout your entire system. For example, just to name a couple, I have 3 membership levels in my network, free, gold and platinum. When I upgrade a member to platinum, NONE of the gold features are available to them. Also I can't get custom domains to work. They work fine as far as navigating to them like the one at, but I can't login to the admin panel because it doesn't set a cookie. I've read everything I can get my hands on on your website and I've tried everything I can until I'm completely exhausted, and still the "bugs" persist. And now your own support system not recognizing me as a member leads me to believe that your whole system is very unstable. I simply cannot start a network unless I can be sure it will work for my members for the long run.

Please try to figure out why your system doesn't recognize me as a member and we'll go from there.


Hi there and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community for WordPress Support!
Hmmmmm, I don't know if I can support getting support for support. I think that violates some trinity thing.
I'm not exactly sure what to tell you. I can't see why you would be seeing the Join. Can you try again and see if it works?

  • Zyniker
    • WordPress Warrior

    Which plugin are you using for your domain mapping? Are you using Domain Mapping or Multi-Domains? If the latter, there is a single-signon option in the settings. If the former, which setting have you selected for the mapping of the administrative area?

    As for the membership levels, I assume you're using Membership? As you said you've read through whatever you can find, I'll assume you've read the somewhat length manual available here.

    If your members are losing access to abilities once they are 'upgraded' to a new level of membership, then you most likely have a misconfiguration somewhere in the Membership settings. Are you using positive rules, negative rules, or a combination of both? Also, which options are being lost? If possible, some screenshots of the pertinent settings would be very helpful.

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