Reactivate subsite payment form not working

User has enabled SSL in all the network, when you go to
after choosing a subscription option It should be displaying the payment form to reinstate the site access but instead, it shows the "Setup your site" options for a new site. The site name shows on the page header but incorrectly requires you to register for a new site.

Before adding all the certificates it worked if you visited the non-ssl version of that URL.

Staff set the domain mapping to ssl and set force ssl on front and admin. Still not working

Staff access is enabled.


    1 more thing... (3rd post) I troubleshot the site to make sure it wasn't a theme/plugin conflict by disabling all plugins but prosites and using default wordpress theme. Nothing changed so please don't refer me to the troubleshooting link. I've already done that. Thanks in advance =) Just need some serious help and would like to know what variable prosites uses to determine if the site is active when making its decision to display either the "Create a site" or payment box option.

  • Huberson

    If I understand correctly, when the admin of "" mapped to "" try to renew his subscription it get the sign up for a new site option instead of a renewal form, right?

    I have tried to access the site in question with no luck. All the addresses(, gave me either an access limited or site disabled error. And "" redirect to "" with a SiteGround error page.

    The only URL that works is "". I will need to have admin credentials to the site so I can log to it and try the renewal if possible. You might also want to check issues with the domains not working in case they are related to current issue.

    The "cancel subscription / refund option $-51,255.05" might be a bug. I will need to perform some troubleshooting and report back to developer in case it is a bug.

    We will be waiting for your reply.


  • Huberson

    Unfortunately I still can't access the site. One the URL redirect to a login page, when I provide the credentials it redirect to a 404 page on that address -

    And the other URL just doesn't work at all.

    I can access only the front page. Trying to access the admin section gives a 404 error.

    Also, the site in question seems to have a monthly plan with auto renewal setup already.

    I think the issue with the renewal form is probably caused by the site URL issue. Because of the multiple URLs redirect, it is possible that the site admin is not seen as logged in, causing the plugin to present a sign up form instead of the renewal one.


    The site is a live client site so I can't leave it down until a WPMU support member can get around to checking it out. I have temporarily given the subsite (pinklemonade) ProSite status without payment to keep the site live. That is why it is appearing active. To properly troubleshoot the issue, you have permission to "Remove Pro status from this site" temporarily, please troubleshoot the problem stated above, then return the site to ProSite + Status to bring the site live again.

    The WPMU user is an admin for the subsite in question. If you have a problem logging in with that user, please use the Support Access to reset the password of that user. The current WPMU user password is in the Support Access notes.

    -Please first use the Support Access to gain admin access to the site
    -Please Use to access the wp-admin.

    Thanks for your help


    Please see my previous post...

    I have completely reloaded WP with everything fresh. An expired prosite still doesn't know it is expired and presents the user a "Signup for new site" instead of the payment options.

    Please note:
    - Country Blocking is off so there should be no issue gaining access
    - Support Access is granted and username/password is in Support Access notes
    - User in support notes is admin for
    - is your test site. You may add or remove ProSite status as you need to troubleshoot.


    I saw the payment box like your screenshot 1 time. I cleared all 3 of my browser caches and rebooted my machine. I went to view the EXPIRED PROSITE and here were my findings:

    1) (Not logged in) - Home page of site shows when site should be disabled by Prosites. Why is this happening? (FREE site option is disabled and site status is "expired")

    2) (Logged in) - I log into and get redirected to payboxes page as it should. I am still getting "Set up your site" instead of the credit card/paypal options in all 3 browsers. I flushed all 3 browser caches and rebooted my machine. Same result:

    3) What element does Prosites use to determine If site is expired, and user logged in, then show credit card options instead of new site options?



      My issues with Huberson's reply:
      1) My primary issue is "REACTIVATE SUBSITE PAYMENT FORM NOT WORKING" like the title of this ticket suggests. Another 2 days has gone by and no mention of this issue was in Huberson's reply. My Payment form is still not working like my screenshots showed in my prior post.

      2) Huberson had full access to my site with and a user with credentials to do troubleshooting with. Why didn't Huberson just use the support access and try it for himself? Now we waste another 2 or 3 days waiting for someone else to jump in.

      3) My issue with Huberson's suggestion. Prosites (without "Pay to Blog" activated) blocks the front of the site if not paid but allows access to the back-end admin side of the site. Enabling "Pay to Blog" only blocks the admin area which has nothing to do with my issue with the front of the site showing active when it is expired.

      I don't normally or like to complain. I really appreciate the help here. However, I have received some pretty terrible service on this issue. I have had to generate 2 different tickets on this since June 2nd. It's now June 15th. It's been 13 days and I am no better off than when I initiated the ticket.

      I have patiently waited for help from support. I am actively paying for this service so I refuse to treat it like it's some for-free privilege. I have had support access open and an active account with username and password in the notes as notated in my posts above. I additionally provided permission to turn on and off plugins and provided a demo site to do all this with.

      Can someone please actually help with this ticket? If nobody want's to deal with it then please escalate it so we can determine what the issue is here. I don't like to be negative on here but I am not happy waiting 2 or three days for a shove-off reply.

  • Huberson

    Your issue "signup form where you should get a renewal form" has been escalated. But part of the site still inaccessible when I test it - Please leave support access granted with the credentials and country blocking disabled, to ease troubleshooting.

    I truly understand your impatience, since we've spent quite some time on this issue. Our first priority is to always solve a customer issue the fastest possible so he go on using our service, instead of spending time posting reply and waiting for a response on a problem.
    You must also understand that all my suggestions were based on testing both with your site and my testing site (more than an hour testing since your first reply). And part of the time we spent was due to access restriction on the websites.

    My last suggestion was for this concern - site still showing while expired

    1) (Not logged in) - Home page of site shows when site should be disabled by Prosites. Why is this happening? (FREE site option is disabled and site status is "expired")

    We will keep you posted here about any progress.

    King regards,

  • Lindeni Mahlalela


    I hope you are fine today. I a, sorry for the delayed response with regards to this issue and I hope we can resolve it soon.

    I am here to work with you in resolving the issue. First thing, I tried to replicate the issue on my setup but unfortunately I could not replicate it. Then I tried to access your website but then I keep get a redirect error in the browser with the following error code.


    I have noticed that my colleague Huberson has already mentioned that some parts of your website are not accessible, have you had a chance of looking into this because as far as I can tell, the sites are not accessible due to the too many redirects error. The redirect error can be cause by any rules or plugins that forces HTTPS, your site seems to be HTTP but some rule is redirecting to HTTPS which then redirects back to HTTP, this redirect loop confuses WordPress.

    To solve the redirect rule, would you please edit your site settings in the dashboard or in phpMyadmin 'wp_options' table to make the Site URL and Home URL the same with 'https:' on both if you have a valid SSL certificate. Afterwards please try and disable any rewrite rules in .htaccess that aim to forcefully redirect http to https.

    Once you have done that please grant support access on your network again so I can have a closer look. If possible, please leave FTP login details in the support notes section when granting access.

    I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Have a nice day.

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