Read all threads on "Global Tables". Still a little confused, ready to use multi-db

I'm using wpmu-buddypress both are current builds. All the plugins I want to use for now are installed and tables are in place. The following plugins it states in install instructions that global tables are needed.


There are a total of 94 tables the first 18 are wp-1-xxxx which are for the main blog. There are no other wp-#-xxxx. I haven't made any post, there are no comments, groups or forums yet. I'd say it was a fresh install but I've been working on it for 3 months and have been upgrading as I get notified of upgrades.

I've been told that all tables below "wp-1-xxxx" are global tables.

I also read "the multi-db plugin *knows* which ones are the standard global tables, you only need to worry about those tables of your own that you want to be global as well."

I'm going to make wp-1 "vip" as I've read in the instructions. Do I need to do the other 76 tables like below?

or will multi-db plugin know to do them all as global?