Reader Feed Post Image, Follow Button & Frontend Display

3 quick questions re the Reader plugin...

1) I just added the php for generating the post image in the Reader Feed, as mentioned in this post ( ).

Here is the code:

<?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $post_id, $size, $attr ); ?>

However, it only works if the image is coming from that specific blog. If the image is coming from another MultiSite blog it does not show in the Reader feed.

How can we fix this?

2) What is the code for the Follow button?

Would like to use it in modals and widgets.

3) How can the Reader Feed be displayed in the frontend?

I'm asking this because I heard that having it in the backend is not resource sufficient.

From a server usage perspective, is it better to have it in the frontend?

Seems like frontend would be better from UX perspective.

What about posting content, should we use a frontend posting plugin as well?

We will probably have a couple hundred MultiSite blogs within the first few months, want to make sure we have a set up that will load quickly.

Any advice appreciated...

Thank you for your time.