Real live BuddyPress sites that rock. Anyone??

Buddy buddy buddy buddypress. It’s all the rage these days but other than, I have yet to see a solid real world implementation., with 20,000 members, was by far the largest one I’d ever run across. Boy, did it have problems. Eventually the site was shut down for weeks. When it finally resurfaced it was an anemic shell of what it was on it’s way to being.

I love BuddyPress. I get’s me excited. I’m one all the time. I have around 800 friends there, a couple of blogs and post like mad. Works like a charm.

My question is to the WPMUDev community. Who here has come across a great BuddyPress based site with more than 1,000 members and growing?

The sites on the showcase don’t count. When I look at those, all I get is sad.

If you’re like me and don’t know of any burgeoning sites, then chime in with why you think BuddyPress based sites aren’t taking off?

Hear here!