Really need a Global Cart (like Etsy)

I really need a global cart and widget to go with it. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? It just needs to aggregate all the carts into one, similar to Etsy.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    We’ve tossed around the idea a bit. A few things have held us back:

    – Cart cookies won’t work cross-domain, especially with domain mapping. It would require users to be logged in to every site

    – How do you handle shipping and costs?

    – A few other things I havn’t thought of.

    I think for an effective etsy like system, we would need to completely rewrite the plugin to allow multiple stores on the same blog, maybe tied into BuddyPress.

    Either way, it will take a major rewrite from the ground up, which won’t happen anytime soon.

  • Max
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    @aaron …. this is really VERY disappointing.

    I asked this as a pre-sales question as it is a pre-requisite for the plug-in to meet the sales pitch promise.

    @counteragent – I understand exactly what you are asking for and it does NOT mean having to use cookies cross domain.

    @ Aaron – sites like Etsy only use ONE domain, the stores (users/blogs) based in directories – it would be pre-requisite that the global cart be only available on WPMU being setup as sub-diretories, not sub-domains.

    If this really is the case and it has never been the intention to have a global cart (which I have posted about in other posts) I feel I have been badly misled, both in pre-sales and in the forum. I even had a site installed by MP.MU just to ensure everything was perfect to get this plugin working perfectly.

    Have I just wasted money on the setup and membership here, plus a heap of time, to now be told Marketpress won’t work as advertised?

  • Max
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    or lets look at this another way – is it a money issue to get the global cart, as opposed to just getting with the subscription? Perhaps a premium plugin/extension to Marketpress would enable the globalcart to be available?

  • Michael Kimb
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I thought that this worked out-of-the box? Pretty sure it does? If not why would it have the following:

    Global Product List – Shows a customizable global list of products from network MarketPress stores.

    Global Product Tag Cloud – Displays global most used product tags in cloud format from network

    Global Product Category List – Displays a network-wide HTML list of product categories from network MarketPress stores.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I was sure when my developer began working on some improvements for me he said you could buy items from different stores?

    If not, its not a deal-breaker for me, just an inconvenience.

  • Nick Ryall
    • Flash Drive


    I have just signed up to and am also disapointed to hear this is not available. I was just wondering if there has been any progress on this?

    For Marketpress to be used as advertised i.e. as a solution similar to Etsy, a global cart is neccesary. There is not much point having a master/parent store which displays products from sub-stores if the user has to then check-out from each store individually.



  • Nick Ryall
    • Flash Drive

    I realised my previous post was incorrect in it’s reference to checking out from all stores in a single process.

    So to clarify:

    I don’t think the global cart would need to handle a single checkout feature for products across multiple stores. It would just need to work in a similar fashion to “My Ebay” where the user could view all items added from across the network of stores in a single place and then checkout/pay for orders on a per-store basis.

    So the underlying shipping and costs functionality would not need to be changed. There would just need to be a global shopping cart or ‘my account’ section which would aggregate all the carts from across the network into a single managable page and link through to the checkout process for each store individually.

    Ideally, a similar (or the same) page could be used to track orders from across the network.

  • dfstorm
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I don’t get it. my clients site is broken… I don’t know why but i think it is because i have been given the wrong impression about the global cart.

    so lets go through it again so i can make sure im not trying to force my site into doing something its not suppossed too..

    I have 1 domain. 1 paypal account. lots of sub domains which have products, uploaded by individual users. I have category pages on the site that filter in products from all the substores.

    Are category pages like this allowed?

    When someone wants to buy a product from siteA and siteB in one checkout process which address should they checkout from?

    Or is this not allowed?

    And if it is allowed what is the correct address the checkout should happen at?

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