Really need help w/Mass Mail not working and Activity Time not Right..

I have 2 issues that seem to not have any solutions here;

Mass Mail isn't sending.. I have spent quite a bit of time reading/searching on here and the threads I find don't have any solution.. they just kind of end: ( had done the exact same things she did and still have that same problem) (tried this too, removing what they said etc.)

This is a real critical plugin for us to use and we need to be able to email the users at least often.

Activity time off by 5 hours - it was suggested both that my server time or my WP times were wrong - these have been checked numerous times and they are set to what they should be. This is the thread here: (there was a thread also on BuddyPress about this being an issue, and it looked like no fix there either)

We are set to launch on Monday - have been testing all week with people. But these issues are ones we really want to get resolved. And I have searched for people having similar problems and there doesn't seem to be a solution.

Trying not to be impatient and going the correct routes in researching others having similar issues before posting, hoping to be able to fix - but these 2 don't seem to have a solution I can find.