Really weird things happening on my site

Since I've made an upgrade to buddypress 1.1.2, my site's been in a mess.

This might have happened earlier, but Ive realized that every user on my site has double profiles. Where the main one will be namesurname, the duplicate is name-surname.

What's annoying is sometimes people post from the duplicate and it show up in the news feed.

Then, the first few people that signed on my site, their duplicates keep on leaving message in the site wide activity that "name-surname left a comment on ... (post)", but they never do.

Once I delete the duplicate, the one in line keeps on doing the comments.

Now I see that when people submit a post, it appears that the admin sent the message and it links to the admin profile, as the user is the actual admin to that particular blog.


I have the multi-db plugin and Aaron did inform me that the guy that installed it never added the table to (cant remember which one) an important db.

Where do I start with all this?