reasons all plugins could be disabled without using deactivate?

Hoping some of the WPMU Dev experts might have some theories as to how all of the active plugins on the main site of a multisite could be disabled without actually selecting them and clicking deactivate?

The only thing I remember odd happening around the time the plugins deactivated was an error updating e-newsletter. But could a plugin update trigger ALL OTHER plugins on the main site to deactivate?

Hoping to find out as I want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Thanks in advance...

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey, peter!

    A few things might cause this, but a single plugin update should not. I've seen single plugins cause a white screen of death, and all sorts of other chaos, but there shouldn't be a way for one wonky update to deactivate everything.

    Renaming your plugin folder (sometimes this is done for a conflict test) and visiting the plugin page on your site before you rename it back will cause this. Was there any work being done on your site at the time?

    Your host could do this, but I wouldn't imagine a host doing this without warning.

    An unsavory intruder could do this, but probably wouldn't, as unsavory intruders don't like to be noticed.

    I'm leaning towards the first one, did you happen to have an active ticket open somewhere that could would have coincided with the plugins mass-deactivating? Maybe you clicked your plugin page at exactly the wrong minute when someone was doing testing?

    Regardless, change all your site access passwords (WordPress admin, FTP, cpanel, PHPMyAdmin) just to be 111% sure everything is on the level. Changing your core passwords above is a good idea at semi-regular intervals, regardless.

    Thanks peter!

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