"Rebrand Pro Sites" option has no effect

Hi guys,

I'm having a bit of trouble getting "Rebrand Pro Sites" option to work. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the plugin or with my understanding of what this option is suppose to do...

Could somebody tell me what is suppose to happen when I go to the "Pro Sites" settings menu and modify the first option on the page: Rebrand Pro Sites? I was under the impression that this would results in (mainly) the following three things:

1. Navigation menu item "Pro Menu" (located on the main not admin page, nav id=access) would be renamed to whatever I've entered in the field.

2. URL of the above menu item would be modified to match what ever I've entered in the field, similarly to what happens to the with Titles & URLs of posts and pages.

3. (Possibly) Admin menu item "Pro Sites" will be renamed and will display the value of my entry.

Could somebody please either confirm or deny this, as at the moment setting this option doesn't seem to make any difference, at all.

My setup: WP 3.3 Multi-site, Akismet, Multi-Domain v1.1.5, Domain Mapping v3.0.5, Multi-DB v3.1.2, Pro-sites v3.0.5

  • NetPotion

    The admin menu will be modified by this setting. It will only be reflected in the sub-sites however. The main network admin will still show the "Pro-Sites" branding.

    You can change the navigation item by using a custom menu item.

    The URL will not be changed, and cannot be - unfortunately.

    If you want to change the title of the page, you can do so by navigating to Admin-->Pages --> Pro-Site and changing the title there. You cannot change the URL, however, or it will break that page.

    Hope this helps & I got it all correct. It's been a little while since I installed this plugin and the Alzheimers is...

    oh hell...what was I saying again?!? ; )

    ~ Corey

  • aecnu

    Greetings Dmytro :slight_smile:

    from what I can find after digging through my network was (1.) setting only appears on my checkout page for upgrading to a Pro Site Level. Otherwise I could not find it anywhere else within the sub site.

    (2) I cannot figure out which URL you are referring. I am looking in the "settings" portion of Pro Sites Plugin.

    (3) the "Pro Sites" does not change the admin menu and it is not a menu selection under sub sites.

    It probably is hard coded in the plugin for the admin menu and though I have not tried can probably be changed to what you want with the "Site Wide Text Change" a.k.a. Custom Admin Text Plugin :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

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