Recent Global Post capabilities

Please pass along this ticket to Adam Czajczyk (he rocked in chat)

Was using plugin called "Network Post Extended" - no longer functional due to recent WordPress security updates.

However ... using Recent Global Post plugin can we enable the following functionality some how?

* - Run from any site on Network
* - Include Featured Image as thumbnail
* - Title, Author, Date, Excerpt
* - Pagination
* - Include by category
* - Exclude by category
* - Order by date
* - Offset

Many thanks for the interest.

  • Nastia

    Hello NIghtSpook

    I trust you are doing well today!

    Yes Adam Czajczyk is awesome :smiley:

    The Recent Global Post requires a Post Indexer plugin to index the post on your mulitisite installation.
    Once you activate the Post Indexer plugin, you can deactivate indexing the posts on a specific subsite. Just navigate to Network Admin > All sites, hover over " Indexing" table and click on Disable.
    This way the posts from a specific subsite will not be shown.

    With the Recent Global Post plugin you can use the following attributes inside the shortcode:
    - To display a cirtain number og post use :

    [globalrecentposts number=”10?]

    - To display a title you can use the title_characters=”250? attribute
    - Dor experts add content_characters=”200?, where 200 is the characters count

    You can find more attributes on the usage page:

    I'm afraid all the other functionalities will require a custom coding, and is beyond the scope of support we can provide in these forums. Please feel free to post a new job in our Jobs & Pros section on so that a skilled developer can do that for you.

    I have informed Adam Czajczyk about your question as well. If Adam can provide more information, he will post back as soon as he can.

    Kind Regards,