Recent Global Posts Feed Stopped Working Suddenly


I have a network that has been successfully using the Recent Global Posts Feed without issue since August. Suddenly, yesterday, the feed went blank and is being considered invalid even though the source code indicates the feed is actually still there.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this?


  • drmike
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    Wlecome to wpmudev.

    It's always a good idea and a good habit to get into to check your webserver's error logs and include them when having a problem. That way we don;t have to ask you for that information. Usually a blank page means a problem with a plugin and checking the logs is a good first step.

    Thanks though for the link. A quick check shows that it does not validate:

    Not sure how quickly you;ll see this but the main error I;m seeing is that a title of one of the posts includes an and or & sign that's not escaped.

    <title>Making Time & Choosing Wisely</title>

    That & sign in there should be & a n d ;

    I don;t think that would cause the feed to not display though.

    Andrew, james and crew? Are we checking to escape the posts' titles in this plugin? I could have sworn that this has come up previously.

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