recent global posts - Repeating Posts

I recent installed global posts today and creates global RRS feed and this seems to work ok,except that i have set it to check blogs every hour and it dubble up the image that has been posted the hour before in addtion to this i then have autobloger which posts directly off this feed.

The issue i have is i have set it to auto blog each hour so if there are any new images it will post to my site, which is working great.

1. Its reposting same picture over again the next time round due to the rrs feed respeating images
is there any way around this ?
2. Its not passing though where the image came from.

eg when i click on the image i want to be brough back to the child site i came form, insted just brings up image. RRS feed had the infomration but not passing though to autoblog post.

RRS Feed:

anyone got any ideas >