Recent Global Posts – Shortcode & Dynamic Attributes Filter

I have a multisite network with Recent Global Posts Feed installed. One of the main problems with this plugin is the limitations on searching older posts. I am using the following shortcode to display the recent posts across the network:

[globalrecentposts number=”5″ include_cat=”example” include_tags=”example”]

I would like to make the two attributes dynamic using a dropdown menu. Users will be able to filter recent posts by selecting a designated category or tag. If possible, I would also like to allow users to filter by month or year of the post. However, I’m not sure if the date attribute exists in the plugin’s shortcode.

Can someone help me create the code for the two dropdown menus (one for each attribute), and the shortcode php code that integrates the dropdown selections into the above shortcode? I believe this will be a useful addition to this plugin’s knowledge-base.