Recent Global Posts Shortcode not working on page

I have installed and network activated the post indexer. I have installed and network activated the recent global posts widget. I can see in Appearance-Widgets that the widget does pull content. I am trying to use the short code on a page and nothing displays. The short code shows as "text" (example:

I have no idea what I've missed or am doing wrong. I've tried the short code in several different ways. I've tried just [recentglobalposts] and I've tried this [globalrecentposts number="30" title_characters="60" content_characters="240" title_content_divider title_link="yes" show_avatars="yes" avatar_size="50"]

Both are blank.

I've granted you support access in advance in case you need to see what's installed,etc...
ACTIVE until August 31, 2014 8:57 pm

Please help.