Recent Posts Breaking Page Layout

NOTE: The Recent Posts plugin I'm referring to did not appear in the drop down menu when starting this topic, likely because I've reverted to the old drop-in mu plugin to get a screenshot for comparison.

ISSUE: After upgrading to the latest Post Indexer and Recent Posts (Function & Shortcode) plugins, I've encountered a couple issues that I need to address before updating on our live site.

1. Posts from the main site (id=1) are not appearing in the Recent Posts display that I have hard-coded into the page template using the function provided in the plugin. Primary site blog posts are also not appearing in the Recent Posts Widget (separate plugin), so I'm led to believe this is an issue with Post Indexer. But blog posts from numerous other sub-sites are indeed appearing. the main site's Privacy settings are searchable, and I have re-indexed the site a couple times, but still no posts appear in Recent Posts.

2. After upgrading to Recent Posts 3.0, the page including the function breaks. See screenshots to compare. In the first one with no markups, we see Recent Posts v. 1.0.1 in action with page content from the WP editor appearing at the bottom. The marked up screen shot, shows no posts from the main blog and the page content is gone, replaced instead by content of the next most recent global post even though only four are specified to show in the variables.

In both cases, the following code is being used:

?php display_recent_posts(4,45,100,'<br />','<strong>','</strong>','<ul>','</ul>','<li>','...</li>','yes','yes',32, 'post', true); ?

Just for kicks, I published a test page using the Recent Posts shortcode, and that is rendering properly, but still no posts from site id 1.

Any chance Barry might have a sec to provide feedback?

FYI: I didn't provide a link only because I am actively troubleshooting this so there's no telling what version of the various plugins involved may be active at the time.

Thanks in advance for any help!