Recent Posts Shortcode Not Rendering HTML

I searched for related topics but found no one reporting this issue...

Usage page for Recent Network Posts indicates the follwoing shortcode parameter can be used to display HTML before the list of posts:

global_before=”text or HTML element” – Executes above the list of entries.

When using the following shortcode, however, the hyperlink does not render. Instead, the actual code displays. (See screenshot.)

[globalrecentposts number=&quot;4&quot; title_link=&quot;yes&quot; title_characters=&quot;25&quot; content_characters=&quot;40&quot; show_avatars=&quot;yes&quot; avatar_size=&quot;32&quot; global_before=&quot;<a href=>&raquo; Browse All Blogs</a>&quot;]

Am I missing something? Can anyone replicate this?