Recent Posts – suggestion

I was trying to find a way to query the latest custom post of a subsite and display that post on the main website’s home page.

I’m in the process of modifying this plugin quite a bit but I thought I’d make some suggestions you might want to consider in future versions of this plugin:

1. Ability to select specific blog_id(s). This would be easy to add in.

2. Instead of the basic before and after options, it would be great to use a template file. I needed something a little more creative than

  • title
  • and so a template file would have been great – this is the biggest reason for me totally customizing this plugin.

    These modifications would make it really easy to create unique content boxes that pull from subsites on to the home page that go beyond just a simple list.

    If I get the time to turn my customizations in to something that I can share then I will certainly do that.