Recognizing how someone signed into chat

Inside the chat room as the administator is there a way of seeing how someone else has signed in? For example I want an open chat window so if someone is signed in via twitter and not yet a member of my site is there a way for me to see that on my end as administrator?

  • chuck_franks


    As I wrote this I just realzied I might not have phrased my question correctly.

    Here is my case for in a chat that I allow registered and non-registered members to participate in. It wasn't that I care if they are using twitter or not. It's are they a registered member.

    My case would be that depending on your use of the plugin it would in my opinon allow me a new gateway to get paid members. I see utlizing chat both for paid members and for an open forum. Where non-paid members can step in and visit without a high level of commitment. (giving me their info, signing up)

    I'm wanting to have an open chat room that a discussion can happen without signing up. If someone signs in from twitter who isn't a member of my site it allows me to graciously give a shout out and welcome them to the conversation.

    As with any new guest to my home I always want to say make yourself at home, real quick 2 things you need to know, the bar is right there and the bathroom down the hall second door on the left.
    Helping them to onboard and be part of the community in a smooth way. It would allow me a new pathway into my community. Granted that pathway is currently there. However I don't have any way from an administrative way to know I have a new guest. For example I might say to an exisiting paid member "Hi Paul great to see you again. How's that project your working on Chat 2.0 going?" vs. a non-member who I want to pay me. Hi Paul, welcome. I see your new, quick house keeping rules. Just jump in whenever but be patient as the conversation might take a minute to get to your question. Don't worry we won't forget about you. Today we are talking about why Chat 2.0 could benefit from adding this feature. How are you currently using it?"

    Chat is about engagement. I personally like to try to be as personal as I am in real life. Because I want a relationship with my community not just a chat box. Relationships are built over time. For example.
    I have some favorites already here on wpmudev because of the way they interact.

    The other reason you might consider adding it is that you want your plugins to be remarkable. There are plenty of plugins. Why does someone choose wpmydev plugins.

    Being remarkable is about doing more than what everyone else is doing. Thus having a moderator know I'm new to a chat and give a shout out personally is remarkable. Extroverts don't care they will jump in and wait for you to tell them to back up. Introverts need a little coaxing sometimes to engage. I personally am always looking for ways to make that engagement more personal.

    Thanks Paul for following up I never was notified on your first request to explain and make a case.


  • Paul

    @chuck_franks, Thanks for the details. Yeah, I agree we need to move to make all of our plugins more remarkable. But also not bloated with useless features.

    As you are probably aware out Chat plugin only supports the group chat logic. One of the reasons I'm doing the full rewrite is so I can move forward with adding private chat and support chat. The private chat would be just you (admin) and some other user. The user can be an existing account or someone who is just browsing your site (not logged in). The support chat would be similar but more for users to ask questions. Think about our eCommerce plugin, MarketPress. It would be nice if someone is considering purchase of an item from your site to be able to ask questions to some admin or someone knowledgable about the product. Could make the sale.

    So yeah we are on the same track. I'm about done with the 2.0 rewrite. But this is just getting the chat functional to the existing features. Then after we release it I'll be able to add some of the features I mentioned.

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