Recommended Plugin for members to have their own set of classifieds to work with

Hi I am currently working with your classifieds ads plugin which I am happy with. I am however at another crossroad with my project. What would be a recommended solution for registered users to have access to their own set of classifieds ads ? I don't want one user logging in and editing an ad that another user posted. Is buddypress the only solution ? it seems like a lot of extra features. I really just need each user to have the ability to post a real estate listing without being able to remove / edit the listings of other users. This is a free service and doesn't need that many features.

  • Kevin

    Thanks! that was not as bad as I thought it would be I appreciate the help.

    My next question would be regarding the formatting of the classified ads.

    I notice that when I go to create a new classified Ad it is just a simple edit page similar to the default posts section in wordpress.

    Is there any way to customize what info is collected / how it is displayed on the site ?

    this is the current output being generated :

    Also, I noticed in the video for the plugin that a search page was brought up where one could search based on certain selected criteria... is this done with classifieds or something else ?

    When the contact user button is clicked is there anyway for that email to be copied to myself as well ?

    Thanks again.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Kevin


    To clarify I would like to add custom fields to the classifieds post type.

    Would I need a separate plugin to accomplish this. I tried to find the actual files in the wp filesystem that generate and redisplay this page to work on it from there but was unable to. Would you be able to let me know the paths for the files involved in collecting and displaying the classifieds info. (I am aware all at my own risks, I do regular backups for this :slight_smile: )

    I am also wondering if this plugin may work better ? I would like to make classifieds work however, if possible.

    I looked at :


    Any recommendations ??? To re-iterate I am putting together a simple and ideally searchable Local Real Estate listing site that will be a FREE service.

    Again Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @Kevin

    Classifieds actually includes with a fully-functional copy of CustomPress that you can use to customize the heck out of your ads and front-end submission form.

    Go to CustomPress > Content Types > Custom Fields, and click the "Add Custom Field" button to set up individual fields. Remember to assign them to the "classifieds" post type (1st screenshot).

    Once you've created the fields you want for your classifieds, you'll see them listed on the CustomPress > Content Types > Custom Fields page (2nd screenshot).

    Now when you create/edit a classified ad from either the admin (3rd screenshot) or the front-end form (4th screenshot), your fields will be available to select/fill out.

    The 5th screenshot below shows what it looks like by default on the Twenty-Twelve theme.

    Have fun! :slight_smile:

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