Reconnecting Pro Sites customer to Stripe help

Hi there,
I'm using ProSites with the Pay to Blog feature and I extended a site out for a customer even though the payment failed. In Stripe, I set it so the next charge would contain the past due amount along with the current. The customer needs to update their credit card info (I'm assuming this happens when the customer checks out again) but how can I make sure Pro Sites includes the past due balance and not just treat them as a new customer (on the sites Manage page on the back end, while the log updated with their existing Stripe customer number, Pro Sites tells me no such customer: false in the modify panel)?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, tiana!

    After the next successful payment is made, your customer should show properly in your user/site list, with the correct existing membership/Stripe customer number, and not be seen as a new subscriber. ProSites and Stripe are working together to manage the transaction, so the past due balance should be reflected in the user's account page. Are you seeing this?

    (Here's a handy tool for this sort of thing: )

    I believe what you're seeing is because Stripe suspends the user account when their credit card doesn't work, for whatever reason. That should be updated as soon as the user's Stripe account is updated with the correct CC details.

    Feel free to ask if you have more questions or need that clarified further. :slight_smile:

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Tiana!

    Have the client update in Stripe itself. Updating in ProSites is actually updating in Stripe, too, but it'll be faster and more direct just to send your client to Stripe to clear this up.

    As to your first reply, I was not fully on the same page with you earlier. You're right, if the member signs up for a new membership, that is going to create a complication in billing between Stripe and ProSites. Stripe will charge the past due amount, but that won't be reflected in the ProSites invoice. I think we may need to do some working around to get this sorted, but I have an idea.

    Let's make sure I've got the facts right. :slight_smile:
    1. Your member's payment failed, and you manually extended the subscription for xtime.
    2. Stripe will bill them the past due amount when they update their CC data with stripe.
    3. They're currently in limbo on your site, until the next billing date.
    4. Once they're cleared with Stripe, they'll be free to start a new membership.

    Here's what I would do. It's going to take a little work for one member who didn't stay on top of their business, but we do what we have to to keep our customers. :slight_smile:

    1. Create a new Private membership with the same payment terms as the Membership your member has been booted from.
    2. Assign the same protections/permissions to the new membership, as well.
    3. Give the membership a free trial that lasts one day only.
    3a. Set up an Automated Email Message in Membership 2 > Settings to send a reminder that the trial will expire soon.
    4. If Member renews their subscription after the reminder, everything will be back on track.
    (See screenshots for more details.)

    Would this work?

    Thanks, Tiana!

  • tiana_cameron

    Hi Michelle!
    Thanks for the detailed reply! It looks like the customer was created as a new account and has a new customer number under Stripe - while it did reactive the blog, the past due balance wasn't applied. I'll just work around it for now and supply an invoice for the past due balance. I haven't had a chance to try out the Membership plugin yet so I'll have to look it over. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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