Recurring $20/mo to download unlimited video backgrounds

So, after reading the .pdf, I see that I can protect a post. But wait, I need to sell memberships for people to download video files. So, although I’m protecting

what I need to make sure I’m protecting is actually the video files themselves….

Hopefully this’ll make sense:




Does this protect that? Shouldn’t there be some type of file encryption or something like that?

…reading more over on MarketPlace….my head hurts.

Look, am I looking for MarketPlace or Membership?

I need to give folks UNLIMITED (which made me think ‘Membership’:wink: DOWNLOADS (which makes me read ‘MarketPress’:wink: for $20 a month.

$20/mo. to download whatever. Seems like this should be so simple, yet I can’t figure it out.


(currently on video 4 of MarketPress Tutorial)