Recurring contributions not changing progress bar

With the fundraising plugin if I make a one time payment everything seems to work fine to and from payal and also updates the progress bar just fine. While testing with recurring payments ($1 a day) it seems to add it initially and then doesn't continue to add $1 each day to the progress bar. Paypal does take the $1 out of my account each day. Should the progress bar be updating each time a recurring payment happens? That's what I'd like for it to do. My hosting is with bluehost and I've seen that there's sometime trouble with them according to these post:

If I view my list of contributions, all one time payments say "Payment completed" and all recurring payments say "Payment Status Not Given"

I have IPN setup properly I believe and I'm in Live mode. The url for the site is:
IPN notification address goes here:
Auto return for website payments at Paypal is also turned on.

Please let me know if there's any other info you need from me to fix the issue.