recurring day, time and payment

I am setting up a demo site for music teachers.
Added Appointment + and 2 Service Providers.

What I would like to have available is this:
1. User choose a day and time for their lesson. That remains their day and time until cancelled (either by user or teacher).

2. If teacher chooses to use the payment feature, would bill the student each week they come to a lesson.

I saw on another post a membership plugin was recommended for recurring payment, that's fine on the payment but can't seem to find a way to make the appointment itself recurring.

I've added Services and Service Providers assigned them to the services.
On the appointment page, I'm showing the monthly view. However, the controls (next, previous) are showing Next Week and Previous Week and do nothing. They work if I show a weekly schedule.
The shortcodes I've added on the page are below. Are these the correct short codes to add on the page? Are all the short codes required?


Is there a way to adjust the size of the monthly calendar? It is very small. I realize it's to accommodate the slide out appointments, but wondering if the appointment selection box could be more of a pop up rather than a slide out? Is there any settings for that or an easy adjustment?


  • Alexander
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    Hi @Teresa,

    Appointments+ does not currently support the ability for recurring appointments. Unfortunately each session would need to be booked individually.

    As for your pagination not working, try removing this shortcode "[app_worker_monthly_calendar]" I believe it may be conflicting with the other monthly schedule shortcode as only on is needed.

    It's definitely possible to change the size. We might need to tweak the CSS a bit depending on your theme. Can you provide a link to your appointments page? Then I can take a look and advise some CSS that would help.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Teresa,

    I've taken a look, and the pagination controls are working ok. Looks like the confirmation window isn't working although all your shortcodes are correct.

    Next, can you please test for a plugin and theme conflict? You can do this by switching to the default theme (TwentyThirteen) and deactivating all your plugins. After this, test the issue as see if anything is different. If it's working, try changing your theme back and testing again. If at this point it's broken, we know it's a theme conflict. If not, start reactivating your plugins and testing as you go along, once it stops working you'll be able to know which plugin is causing a conflict. Once a conflict is identified, we can look into a specific solution for it.

    Best regards,

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