Recurring event is not displayed on network-wide calendar

I have a vanilla multisite with only Post Indexer and Events+ running, and TwentyFifteen as the theme.

I've got a page with [eab_calendar network="yes"] that does not display a recurring event. This event is "open" and it takes place every Thursday through a date in May, 2017.

I can't figure out why it won't show up. I would like both the past and future events of this type to show up.

The test page is
The event is called NN Office Hours, and it's on the main site (same site the page lives on). The URL is

I have test pages with "network=yes" on other subsites, and this event does not display anywhere.

I created another recurring event to test this, and it also does not show up.

Additionally, it has another strange feature: when I look at the "edit" page, there is no permalink listed. The URL for this event is:

Notice the "8" at the end? I did not add that to the title. And there are not 8 copies of this event. I did hit "publish" 3 times, because it didn't seem to be working (the permalink did not appear after I created the event, so I tried again). But certainly not 8 times. And the event only shows up once. The only place I can see an "8" is the time of day: the event is at 8:00.

After seeing this, I looked again at the original repeating event, and noticed that it ends with "56". The time for this event is not 5 or 6, so I don't know where that came from.

So all of this boils down to two questions:

1) why are my recurring events not showing up on the network calendar?
2) why are there extra numerals being tacked on to the end of the permalink?

Thanks for any help.