recurring events incorrect dates showing.

using beta version. 1.7.2 beta

Recurring events for X day of the week per month displaying in the wrong day.
ie: event held on the first Saturday of every month
Displaying on first one month second week the next etc..

It appears to be an issue when the date is the FIRST of the month..
ie in months where the first Saturday is anything other than the 1st of the month it is displaying correctly.. - This also seems to affect the subsequent listings.
ie: Events on the 3rd Saturday of each month display on the 4th for a month that has the 1st Saturday as the FIRST of the month..

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Thanks for reporting this. The problem was when the base date was being used as the offset (as it should be), the first of month wasn't being taken into consideration for event repeating. The attached Beta update explicitly checks for this condition and should fix the problem. Can you please give it a go and see if it helps?

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Hi again @Vladislav

    Installed Version 1.7.2-BETA-7
    1 - Now it appears to handle the 1st sat ok but not the third.
    (have only tested these 2 so far - recurring 1st Sat and recurring 3rd Sat.)
    Did not correct the old "1st Sat" but correctly handled a new "1st sat" entry -
    However did not handle new 3rd Sat entry on months where the 1st is the 1st sat/

    2 - Colours for Categories -thankyou did not see that addon..

    3 - Would you also be able to advise on "payments" ie single site - many event authors who would like to take booking of their own.

    4 - Could you please advise the sort logic for display in calendar - ie is it time or alpha or as entered?

    5 - date issue appears to no longer be a problem - ie it is now showing the actual instance date not the last recurring date (not sure when or why)

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown


    Installed Version 1.7.2-BETA-7

    Have disabled next months calender on the live site as the recurring dates are displaying incorrectly, if you could please take a look would be greatful as the events here are ongoing and folks want to know what is on next month..

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Hi @Vladislav

    Further to the recurring issue..
    Recurring "per day of week"
    Our events do happen on specific recurring days or rather position of day in calendar month..

    ie :
    the FIRST Saturday of every calendar month
    the SECOND sat of every calendar month
    the THIRD sat of every calendar month
    the FOURTH sat of every calendar month
    the FIFTH sat of every calendar month (granted there are only 3 a year but it is that actual occurrence)

    As it is setup now it accesses
    Thus missing out on the FIFTH altogether..

    1 - Can we please get the FIFTH added?

    Also in our case we have the same event that may happen on more than ONE specified recurrence..

    ie Event X happens on
    the SECOND and the FOURTH Saturday of every calendar month..

    2 - Are there any plans or a quick way to add more than one occurrence?
    3 - a way to "copy" the same event so we can quickly change just the recurrence and not have to re enter all of the event data..
    Would save us heaps of time... :slight_smile:

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Actually, all the problems with "day of the week" recurring model come from the missing "of" operator support in PHPv5.2 strtotime implementation. The 5.2 family reached the end of life way back, but in reality, there are hosts that still run it. The original model worked with "of", which produced the proper results. The version that I'm currently working on defaults to a proper, up-to-date implementation and spins off into compatibility mode only if necessary, and I'm currently looking into fixing the recurring bug for the compatibility mode (as the default one will work fine and produce expected results).

    As for the categories, you can get a category-based list in your admin interface by going to Events > Event Categories, then clicking the number in the "Events" column: You can also reach this category-based overview for each category with an URL formatted like this:


  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Thanks for 1 & 4

    Not sure what you mean by

    I'm currently looking into fixing the recurring bug for the compatibility mode (as the default one will work fine and produce expected results).

    Is there somewhere I can get it to work now - previous version? Live site its a problem right now. previous versions did not do the forward calendar months as expected...

    2 - Fifth

    3 - Copy or duplicate event

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